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WBRA Letter to Council re: Tyn-Y-Coed heritage building

December 20, 2020

To: Esquimalt Mayor and Council

Laurie Hurst, Bill Brown, Alex Tang

Re: December 21 2020 Council Meeting

Agenda item #7 - 820 Dunsmuir Road

I have read with interest John Dam and Associate’s Building Condition Assessment of the Tyn-Y-Coed heritage building and was pleased with their conclusions that the house is in ‘intact condition’ despite recent years of neglect, remains ‘substantially preserved’, and ‘positions 820 Dunsmuir Road as a building of importance to the Township of Esquimalt’.

Historic homes like Tyn-Y-Coed are important as they provide tangible connections to our past by representing the stories and the events that helped to shape the community. Retaining our historical identity (for Esquimalt our military and sea going artifacts, grand historic homes and little war time houses) reinforces our sense of place, our special and unique character that differentiates us from other places. These historic structures are municipal assets and their rehabilitation and adaptive repurposing stand to generate a wide range of social, economic and environmental benefits.

Unfortunately we are losing many of these historic landmarks and with them goes the physical evidence that conveys the significance of our historical place. More needs to be done to protect them and weave them into the fabric of how our community develops in the future.

To this end, I am writing on behalf of the Board of the West Bay Residents Association to support staff’s Dec 15th Request for Decision and encourage Council to direct staff to work with the proponent on a development proposal that will retain this registered heritage building as part of the proponent’s larger development.

Thank you for your consideration of this important issue.

Yours truly,

Rozlynne Mitchell

Chair, West Bay Residents Association

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