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CRD Sewage Treatment Liaison

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Esquimalt Liaison Committee (ELC) Meeting Tuesday, Dec 7, 2021 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. Conference Call Attendees: Jeff Miller, Vice-Chair (Township of Esquimalt); Carole Witter (West Bay Residents Association); Tracy Urquhart (CRD); Matt McCrank (CRD); Denis Jasinsky (CRD) Absent: Alison Elison (Ecole Macaulay Elementary School); Ted Robbins (CRD); Meagan Klassen (Lyall Street Action Committee) Facilitating: Jeff Miller Note taking: Tracy Urquhart Action Items:

  1. Ongoing action: A bullet list of major items identified or discussed by the Esquimalt Liaison Committee will be maintained that can be brought forward quarterly and used to update council.

  2. Ongoing action: CRD will summarize the Esquimalt community inquiries to the Esquimalt Liaison Committee with the agenda package.

  3. New: Trucking routes – Denis and Jeff to review trucking routes for large deliveries including chemicals to MPWWTP and Macaulay Pump Station.

Meeting Notes: 1. Election of Chair - Matt McCrank elected 2. Agenda Approved 3. Notes and Actions Items 1. Update to Council will be provided in 2022 (Q1). Jeff, Tracy and Matt to discuss timing. Tracy and Jeff to discuss update requirements 2. Odour Issues • Community i. Carole noted that the smell has been quite bad in West Bay, primarily around 10pm. Also hearing complaints from Swallows Landing (last noticed 3 days prior)

ii. Matt and Denis to discuss

• MPWWTP i. working on engineered fixes for storage tanks. Continuing to optimize. Working with contractor to put in a point scrubber on one of the tanks ii. Tertiary Treatment System – air not currently put through odour control equipment. Will determine if this is necessary.

iii. Covers are removed regularly for maintenance. When removed, air is not going through odour control. Covers are being reviewed and looking at options for a cover technology that will allow more efficient removal/replacement to keep the odour control air movement per design. To be completed in 2022

• Macaulay PS/Conveyance i. Optimization continues. Carbon media has been spent and is being replaced week of Dec 6. P-traps being installed to reduce fugitive emissions.

ii. Residual Solids Force Main – chambers have received inflow and infiltration which may be impacting the odour control equipment. CRD is working with the construction contractor to investigate and mitigate as required.

iii. Continue to work with City of Victoria on infrastructure (manhole cover replacement) to reduce odours

4. Traffic Management

  • Jeff and Denis to discuss trucking routes

  • Residents have expressed concerns in regards to the chemical deliveries as the route passes the school and parks.

  • 9:00am is the typical delivery time, but weather conditions have resulted in later deliveries (1:00pm)

  • The route follows TransCanada - Tillicum – Lampson- Lyall – Peter (Esquimalt does not have a dangerous goods route)

  • Township of Esquimalt traffic calming measures currently in design phase. Speed control measures to be put in place (Lampson to Head). Pedestrian controlled lights at Macaulay School. Not expected to impact operations.

  • No further traffic complaints relating to MPWWTP staff/contractors

  1. New Business

• Atmospheric Storms – no issues at MPWWTP, but the conveyance system reached hydraulic capacity in a number of locations throughout the region and resulted in marine discharges of screened and unscreend sewage at a number of emergency overflows. This did not occur at any discharge points in Esquimalt. )

6. Next meeting CRD to organize meeting for June 2022

Adjournment – 10:02 a.m.

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