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Preview – New Development Coming to 900 Carlton Place – North side of Esquimalt Road

The building that houses the Carlton Club and well-loved eateries such as Lums and Spice Valley will soon be redeveloped, having been purchased by GMC Projects (https// GMC is a Victoria based, family owned and operated organization, with a strong Esquimalt presence. They have built a number of rental buildings as well as reno’d existing buildings into attractive rentals. One you may be familiar with is Portage West, originally the Craigflower Motor court, on the corner of Admirals and Craigflower on the Gorge.

GMC’s guiding principle “…in how we live our life and approach our projects is the Golden Rule”. They do not know what they will build as yet on the property, in terms of the building’s form and target clientele, but they say they do know they want to be creative and inventive in their approach.

The design will develop based a lot on how their discussion with adjacent owners, the Township and the community goes. The land on which the building sits is designated in Esquimalt’s Official Community Plan as Commercial Commercial Mixed Use and sits within the West Bay Development Permit Area.

Whatever they do, they are very interested in working with current tenants of the commercial establishments and helping them to relocate, and hopefully return after the construction.

Much still needs to be decided but they are not anticipating any proposal application to the Township until after the election, with the very earliest start possibly in 2024.

We will continue to monitor GMC’s progress as they move forward.

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