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Esquimalt Brewery Trivia

“…after prohibition, Esquimalt was the only area to allow licensed establishments, and Victoria remained ‘dry’ until 1952!”

“…Before Six Mile House was reopened as a pub after prohibition in about 1924, there was a major fixing-up. The interior and exterior were both redone, down to a nice red carpet on the “ladies” side – The large windows were added to the “ladies” side a few years later. Liquor laws at that time were very strict. They forbade food in bars, made sitting while drinking a firm rule, and made beer the pub’s sole offering. The fact that neighbouring municipalities including Victoria was still ‘dry’ contributed to good business for the Six Mile for many years. Plebiscites were held after prohibition but Esquimalt was the only area to bring back licensed establishments. Victoria stayed ‘dry’ until 1952. Jim Price retired from Six Mile House in 1931 and sold it to the founder of Silver Springs Brewery.”

(Excerpt from Our History – Six Mile Pub)

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