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CDR Sewage Treatment Enquiries

Esquimalt Community Inquiries (June 4 - Nov 30, 2021)

  1. Inquiry: Odour complaints (various) - Hereward Road, Russell, Swallows Landing, Esquimalt area. Response: The CRD investigated and logged all complaints. Residents received follow up communications. Mostly issues around the commissioning of the MPWWTP, though in a few instances, City of Victoria manholes were the source of odour.

  2. Inquiry: MPWWTP lighting complaint and request to adjust the lighting on the lower level Response: The CRD requested that Facilities Management advise the cleaners to draw the blinds at night on Levels 1 and 3.

  3. Inquiry: Garbage and irrigation complaint - Macaulay Point Pump Station Response: The garbage bin at Macaulay was not being emptied regularly and the irrigation was running mid day. Contractors were contacted and these situations were rectified.

  4. Inquiry: Odour complaint - Macaulay Pump Station Response: The CRD conducted a field odour survey, confirmed the issue, and investigated the control media (carbon) at the pump station.

  5. Inquiry: MPWWTP Tour Request Response: The CRD advised that tours would be offered in 2022.

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