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Local news and information from the West Bay Residents Association



Happening in West Bay

Local news and information from the West Bay Residents Association


It has been a tough winter here on the West Coast.  Happy Spring to the West Bay Community – we know it is on its way!

The Board of the West Bay Residents Association is pleased to introduce to you Community Update #4 for Spring 2022


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Highlights of this edition include the latest information on development proposals – There are currently 11 development projects planned or underway in our neighbourhood – check out the updates.  

See all developments

Sea Terrace pic.jpg

We include an article from Sea Terrace residents who have ideas for an alternative approach to the development proposed for 734 Sea Terrace by Scala Developments. 

See ‘Sea Terrace – an alternative approach

We bring you three short overviews of interest – The first is a request by Lexi for access to covenant funds.  The second includes highlights of provincial government changes to some local government authorities. The third is a preview of the new development going into the commercial area of Head Street and Esquimalt Road.

See Lexi

See Changes to Local Government Authorities

See GMC Proposal for Head and Esquimalt

Cap Jacobsons Park Pic.jpg

Did you know that West Bay is the only Esquimalt community to have approved Neighbourhood Design Guidelines and that those guidelines form part of the Township’s Official Community Plan.  Here is an article about how, when and why they were established and how they relate to the OCP.

See West Bay Neighbourhood Design Guidelines


To find out What’s Happening, be sure to catch the update on Esquimalt’s Capacity Review and the questions it will attempt to answer, should it be approved, regarding our community’s capacity to manage growth. Also see the Meeting Minutes from the CRD Sewage Treatment Plant Liaison Committee and a list of enquiries they have received from the public. And finally an update on the REITS from our last issue

See CRD/Esquimalt’s Capacity Review

See CRD Sewage Treatment Liaison

See CRD Sewage Treatment Enquiries

See Starlight Investments Update

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More Updates 

Make sure to keep an eye out for Community Update #5, scheduled for Spring/Summer 2022.  If you are not already signed up for WBRA Updates, email us to be added to the list.

See ‘Sign-up’ 

In the next edition you will find all the regular updates as well as other interesting resources, tools and information pieces.

Sneak preview – Our next edition will include an article on West Bay’s beautiful Live-Aboard Community. As well, we will update you on Esquimalt Council’s approval March 7th of a development proposal at 880 Fleming Street that will mean the loss of 70 permit protected trees on a city owned lot that was deemed surplus.

About WBRA

A little bit about us—the WBRA is an ambassador and dedicated advocate for the West Bay community, as well as a resource to the residents of the area and others. We have been a registered Society since 1992. If you have not already done so, please register your membership by visiting the Become a Member page on our website. 

See ‘Become a Member’ 

Survey – Tell us what is important to you?

The West Bay Residents Association is an ambassador and dedicated advocate for the West Bay Community.  We focus on the physical, environmental, economic, social, historic, aesthetic and political issues and interests of the West Bay neighbourhood, while encouraging respectful development and densification.

By completing this short survey you will give us a better understanding of what’s important to you as a West Bay resident, and help us set future organizational goals that continue to reflect the diversity of our neighbourhood.

Please return your completed survey to or drop it off at 908 Dunsmuir Road by April 10th 2022.

See Survey Link

Are you interested in joining the WBRA Board of Directors? 

Do you have a passion for the West Bay community? Do you have skills and abilities that you would like to put to work in your community? The nomination process for Board Director begins with a written submission to the Board Chair. If you would like to speak with the Chair and get to know what the role and expectations are, please email:

Contact Us

We want to keep in touch. If you have any questions, concerns or items to discuss or share, or suggestions for the website, newsletter or Facebook page, please fill out our contact form. We do our best to respond to all communications within 24 hours.

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Or, you can email us directly at

WBRA Board


Top row: Rozlynne Mitchell (Chair); Amy Higginbotham (Vice-Chair);  Carole Witter (Past Chair)

Bottom Row: Colin MacLock; Hilary Strang (Secretary/Treasurer); Jennifer Yip Choy

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